DexterityNo-nonsense PR for IT Companies and Small Businesses

I am Jane Lee, an independent public and press relations (PR) consultant trading as Dexterity. Since 1994 I’ve run my IT PR agency (called a tech PR agency by some)  helping technology clients create a buzz about their brand and offerings. I now do this for smaller B2B companies in other sectors too

If you want hands-on, cost-effective press relations delivering results both online and in print, then get in touch

With Dexterity you can:

  • Raise awareness of your company, its brand, products and services among target customers via key influencers such as journalists, bloggers and industry analysts
  • Generate sales enquiries and drive traffic to your website that translates into increased revenue
  • Tell your story and highlight your expertise by positioning key spokespeople as experts on issues that resonate with your target customers

And if you need specialist knowledge, I have a network of experienced independent associates, including marketers, SEO experts, copy writers, web designers, market researchers and photographers. That means your business has access to a team of high-level experts without paying big IT PR agency prices


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