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Client Testimonials

“Jane is someone focused on results. I have worked with her on and off across three companies over around 15 years and I heartily recommend her.”
Chris Barling, non-executive director, investor and entrepreneur

“Jane is fantastic to work with, she really gets the best out of me and through her hard work with her vast network of connections she’s really making a noticeable difference in growing my business’s brand awareness.”
Simon Horton, ShopIntegrator

“We are very pleased with the results and extra traffic that Dexterity has generated for us. Jane Lee has excellent media contacts and her high levels of productivity plus her proactive, organised approach ensure that we get great value for our budget.”  Laura Bedell-Pearce, marketing director, 4D Data Centres

“I’ve worked with Jane for a number of years; her deep understanding of the PR world twinned with an amazing can do attitude makes Jane a truly great person to work with.”  Ben Dyer of PoweredNow

“Working with Jane I have been thrilled with the exposure she has achieved for my business. She creates a constant ‘froth’ of good feeling and PR exposure that we have only dreamt about in the past. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to any business trying to raise their profile in a competitive and difficult market place.”  John Sollars, MD,

“Jane really knows her stuff when it comes to getting coverage of your IT business, particularly in the SMB sector. She is fast, reliable and cost-effective. A great choice if you’re looking for a PR service.”  Jonathan Rodger, MD, Message Horizon

“Jane takes the time required to fully understand the trends within our marketplace and advises us on how we can best engage with emerging opportunities. Traditional print PR activities are merged with blogs and adopting social media strategies were appropriate for our business.”  Simon Armstrong, marketing manager, Actinic

“For IT companies, PR is all about getting coverage. Jane achieves this by working hard to match relevant subject matter to the needs of editors and journalists. This invariably enables her clients to build strong relationships at the same time as getting their messages across. Highly recommended.”  Ian Schenkel, while UK MD with Protegrity

“Jane Lee has been very successful in running the product reviews side of Webroot’s PR. She has managed the strategic placement of our range of IT security software and we have been delighted by the positive coverage in the most relevant news stand magazines and web sites that cover consumer technology. Jane works in collaboration with Paula Averley of hothouse — they are an energetic, well-organised, well-connected team who get the job done.”  Peter Watkins, while CEO of Webroot UK

“We know that the PR campaign is working, because of the comments we are getting from the industry. PR has made a tangible difference to our visibility in the marketplace.”  Patrick Christian, MD, Packet Vision

“As a U.S.-based company, we rely upon Dexterity to be our eyes and ears in the UK marketplace. Jane Lee has been an outstanding advocate for Protegrity with the media and the analyst community. Her experience and personal relationships with key influencers has afforded Protegrity the opportunity to tell our story to the people that can move the market.”  Gordon Rapkin, while CEO of Protegrity

“We have been delighted with the service Dexterity has given us. As a start up company all the basics needed setting in place and we required a great deal of guidance. Jane helped us begin the important job of building our profile and to understand what will and will not gain us coverage, which I believe is half the battle.”  Sarah Latham, Ixxus

“Jane Lee and Teresa Horscroft are a very hands-on and effective PR team. Their technical knowledge, journalist contacts and pro-active approach make them highly self sufficient. They are excellent at spotting the opportunities that others might miss by pro-actively targeting key media and not relying on forward features lists and inbound press requests.”  Bob Jones, while MD of Equiinet

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Jane. She has managed almost single-handedly to raise the profile of ISS’ professional services in spite of a legacy of ‘marketing by stealth’. Her experience in the demanding area of cutting-edge technology information dissemination has been of tremendous value.”  Gunter Ollmann, while at Internet Security Systems (now IBM ISS)

“Internet Security Systems has worked with Jane Lee for several years and has been very pleased with the consistent press results she delivers for our company. ISS is confident in Jane’s ability to strategically deliver our PR initiatives to the press and public as a trusted and valued public relations partner.”  Ashley Vandiver, while at Internet Security Systems

“It has been very beneficial working with Jane on an ongoing PR programme. She is very thorough and her knowledge of the magazines and journalists interested in software development and databases has meant we’ve established relationships and obtained coverage that we wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.”  Andy Hammonds, Innovartis

“Having been recommended to use Dexterity by a respected IT journalist, I can certainly see why. Jane’s terrier-like persistence, efficiency and knowledge of journalists’ specialities quickly resulted in heightened awareness and interest in Gordano’s internet communications technology amongst the technical press, with a regular flow of cuttings from magazines read by our target users.”  Brian Dorricott, Gordano

“I have known Jane for a number of years. Her energy and enthusiasm to promote her clients is only eclipsed by her friendly and helpful nature. A real star.”  Nigel Stanley, practice leader at Bloor Research

“I have found Jane efficient and helpful in establishing contact between Ovum and her clients, and in particular in being selective about providing the right level of information. This is very important in today’s world of information overload!”  Graham Titterington, principal analyst, Ovum

Press & Analyst Testimonials

“I’ve enjoyed working with Jane; I can rely on her to deliver to expectation or tell me why not early enough to make other arrangements. She never nags with irrelevant stories, and has been proactive in suggesting unique story angles.”  Ian Grant, Networking+ & formerly on Computer Weekly.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jane now for a number of years. She is always a delight to deal with and responds promptly to my requests for more information. She is a great ambassador for her clients and is very well respected amongst the journalists that I know.”  Mark Newton, ecommerce consultant & and ex-Real World columnist, PC Pro

“I have worked with Jane Lee as a journalist at Computer Weekly, and she is excellent: highly professional, and really understands how journalists work. It’s difficult to think of anyone better.”  Bill Goodwin, Computer Weekly

“Having worked with Jane for a number of years I have to say she is one of the sharpest PR professionals that my firm deals with. Dynamic and always excellent in style & quality, Jane’s press releases seem to be the ones that attract the most attention from our readers.” Paul Mackenzie Ross, former editor,

“Jane Lee is one of those PRs I listen to as a matter of policy. She understands how journos work and won’t hassle you with pointless stories. Crucially she not only understands us but also her market. I’ve seldom heard: “I’ll get back to you on that” from her as she makes sure she understands her client’s business before trying to sell it to us. There are fewer PRs I trust than I have fingers on my right hand – Jane is one of them.” Iain Thomson, US editor V3

“Jane Lee is the consummate PR professional and a pleasure to work with. She only ever contacts you with things that are relevant and she is very timely in dealing with any requests. If only all PR people shared Jane’s dedication.” Henry Tucker, editor, British Computer Society

“Jane has taken the time to understand the magazine’s audience and the way in which the editorial team works, coming to us with well thought out article ideas at the right time. She’s always friendly and efficient and we’ve developed a good working relationship – I wish all PRs worked like her!”  Emma Herrod, editor, Internet Retailing

“I’ve always found Jane to be highly competent in her dealings with Retail Systems. Unlike many PRs, she appreciates that I receive a huge amount of press releases, queries etc and so have an aversion to incomprehensible PR puff, techno babble and people who don’t do their homework before picking up the phone. She takes the time to pitch in a relevant and concise manner, does not waste my time with irrelevant stories (if only that were the case across the board!) and can always be relied upon when I need a quote, material etc from one of her clients. She is keenly aware of my deadlines and editorial agenda and works hard to meet them.”  Scott Thompson, editor, Retail Systems

“Jane is a first rate IT PR consultant. She advises the client on what constitutes good PR, builds relationships with key influencers to get high-quality coverage & a sympathetic ear, & really knows the market in which the client operates. But Jane has one other major attribute: she’s damn good fun to work with.” Andrew Charlesworth, technology journalist & ex-editor of PC Advisor,

“Top notch. Top of the tree. One of the few people left in UK IT PR who is knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and good to be around. She defines what IT PR should be — I just wish we had 100 more of her, then all the schoolkids, weasels and incompetents could be sent home.”  Jon Honeyball, freelance IT journalist & Real World columnist, PC Pro

“Jane always operates with integrity and efficiency while displaying a tenaciousness and tough charm that demands respect from all those who come into contact with her. She is proof that technology PR can be done properly after all.”  John Dunn, security editor, TechWorld

“Jane’s skills at PR can be summed up in a single word: Brilliant. She works well with journalists, knowing when to prod and nag, and when to back off – very few people get that balance right in the way that Jane does.”  Paul Ockenden, Real World columnist, PC Pro

“Jane and I have worked together in the IT industry for years now. I have always found her prompt and professional when arranging interviews and following up with clients. She really knows her stuff, unlike some younger PR executives in larger companies, and I appreciate this experience, because it means that she only pitches me relevant stories, and understands my needs implicitly.” Danny Bradbury, freelance technical writer

“Jane Lee’s reputation for no nonsense quality public relations has clearly established her enviable position in the industry. A refreshing change from the fluff and puff of big agency corporate hyperbole, Jane has an insightful and accurate take on the real needs of the journalist. This comes through not only in her press materials in general, but also from the approach her clients take with the press as a result of her consultancy.”  Adrian Bridgwater, freelance IT journalist and blogger

“Dexterity has been the model of what a journalist expects, and respects journalists’ requirements. For me, Dexterity provides the right information on time without the kind of untargeted information overload practised by some. What’s more, when Jane Lee approaches me, it’s clear that she understands her clients’ products and businesses.”  Manek Dubash, blogger, freelance journalist and former editor-in-chief, PC Magazine


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